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We have received many requests for CCTV system installations in the last few years.

Improvements in cameras and TVI NetworkVideoRecorders are progressing very fast in our technical world. With this in mind we are careful to supply only the latest models with all the features you expect tomorrow.

TVI recording units allow for the standard analogue camera we have been using for years over the existing co-ax cables already in place. Additionally they operate with the current High-Definition (analogue) cameras without need for any other hardware or software. The High-Def cameras work over the same existing co-ax cabling, but with a beautiful clear picture like what we have with IP cameras.

IP cameras have many more features and fit into our computer world almost seamlessly. Individual cameras we use from HikVision can now be set up through to your devices with the simple use of QR codes. Easy to share with other's too if you wish; you control who.

I've been playing with the IP WiFI cameras. As long as it has power, and withing range of your modem, it is good to go. Big bonus for mounting cameras in places where we just cannot run a cable from camera to the NVR.

Access to your live or recorded images from anywhere in the world via a pc, or on your Smart Phone. Very popular also is linking IPADs through the wireless router; IPAD is always more convenient to pick up and check the surrounds while lounging, or cooking...


What is new in the Industry?


Ness has released the D8XCEL security system.

It carries space for a SIM that allows you to be notified of events, including who and when people come. You can SMS the system to Arm / Disarm it from anywhere in the country. The new Ness Xcel APP makes it even easier to operate the system.

The SATURN range.

With a glossy glass-look fascia and stylish design SATURN keypad adds a look of elegance and quality to your alarm installations. Don't hide it away - SATURN is designed to be seen and admired!

Check it out at  www.nesscorporation.com

part no.106-108-OMT



The Stand Alone Ducted Vacuum Dustpan / Sweep.


Most people with a ducted vacuum system already have the Auto Dustpan. Now everyone can have one.

What is it?

This neat modern looking unit fits under your kitchen sink, and our installer runs pipe through the back and under your cabinet floor to secure the dustpan inlet to your kickboard.

You sweep your mess to the inlet and open the flap with your toe. The powerful 1000Watt motor starts up automatically and sucks away your mess.

Flick the flap with your toe again and it stops automatically.

- - - - - -   WHAT DID YOU MISS?  - - - - - -

You didn’t have to bend over (four times) to clean up the swept mess. No one walked through the pile while you went to find the dustpan and brush. You weren't tempted to sweep it under a rug. At our place, the baby would have tried to eat it.


The kit comes with a set of vacuum tools and a slinky hose that can easily be stored on the back of your cabinet door, and a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. The hose will stretch enough to do the entire kitchen. There is a convenient inlet for your hose on the unit’s front.

The unit is very easy to open when it is time to change your 5-layer heppa filter bag. No tricky clips or foreign instructions to follow.

These kits are in stock and ready for installation NOW.


Call 5471 3966 or email to gday@noosahometech.com for more info and a photo 



System1 Vision intercom.

Finally the System1 Intercom has been released with a friendlier Master station. Anyone with an old version of Valet intercom has lived with the huge Master station ~40 x 34cm. The new release looks about half the height with a 5.6inch screen. Additional options and comapatability also. New software allows you to make programming changes now. There are easy to follow messages on the video screeen to read; before, the installer had to decipher blinking lights to ensure all was set up right.

The Navigator.

Ness Security has released their Navigator series that include a colour touchscreen keypad. The big advantage of colour touchscreen keypads is the graphics. Graphics allow us to show details in print rather than a dot or number representing a zone; that you then have to look up in a booklet hidden in the kitchen’s third draw down, hopefully. Written descriptions make it easier for YOU to alter Entry and Exit times to suit YOU. If connected to the phone, YOU can change the phone number the system will call in the case of an “event.”

Touchscreen also makes it easier to adjust beep volume and brightness by sliding your finger up or down the screen. The screen has enough room to show date and time, touch the time button and the screen turns into a digital calender. A digital calendar in your entry looks a lot smarter than a keypad.

For the bedroom, when programmed to do so, the keypad turns off completely, taking away the annoying backlight that can interrupt some people’s sleep.

The navigator is also branded as iCentral.


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