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Access Control

Intercoms are largely about controlling your entry, which is also your exit.

Your intercom will let you know someone is wanting to come in and see you, but how do you let them in, or not?

The most common and simplest system is a locked gate that you can unlock by pressing a button on your intercom.

Sometimes you may want people to be able to let themselves in, without issuing keys that may be lost or copied.

  • How do you enter without use of a key?
  • How do visitors exit without you opening the gate for them?
  • How do you exit without need of a key? Even if it is just to pick up the papers or take out the bins.
  • Can people reach through the gate and open the handle themselves?

NHT can offer many options to help towards these solutions.

There are a wide range of Keypads and Proximity Readers that can be mounted adjacent to the gate. You can go as far as Finger Print or Eye Scan readers, maybe dual codes, if you need very secure entry control.


  • Must have weatherproof protection, or a rugged weatherproof stainless steel model.
  • Can either be stand alone or have a separate controller that stores your codes and is safely located inside
  • Allow you to change or delete codes as the user becomes non-gratis, or too many people know it, shared it....
  • Allow many different codes. Keep your code for you, change the others codes as people move on.

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