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Home and Business Security  


Peace of Mind, Superior Protection

Safety and security surveys show that break-ins and home invasions are dramatically cut, by up to 95% in houses equipped with proper security systems. Noosa Home Technology offers alarm and intercom systems of proven reliability and the best coverage for the investment in home safety. Our security licensed advisor will discuss with you the security equipment best suited to your particular property and project needs.

False alarms make neighbours blasé. Real alarms make neighbours react. Noosa Home Technology installs detectors with ceiling mounted brackets to stop those annoying false alarms. Geckos like to hide behind detectors and partake in a lot of feeding around them, mainly spider hunting. The brackets are away from these corner thoroughfares, eliminating the triggering of false alarms from our uninvited pests.  

Our preferred brand of installs is NESS. 100% Australian owned and manufactured in Sydney. We find the operation of these systems very easy to use and more appealing to the eye as they have to be installed in view of your entries; Especially with the recently released NAVIGATOR graphic touch screen keypad. The Navigator just made YOUR system easier to use and modify.

Lessons on use takes less then a minute and you can easily add a new code for your casual or regular visitors; protecting your own code and relieving a bit of stress on the other users. Let them choose a code they won’t forget. It is just as easy to delete another person’s user code, for when their access needs to be denied.


CCTV systems are more affordable and easier to operate than ever before. The hard drives have bigger storage capacity, and downloading to USB sticks is less of a headache.

Link your DigitalVideoRecorder to a modem and access the live or recorded imaged from anywhere in the world via your Smart phone or any pc.

Connect through your wireless router to an iPAD so you can operate the DVR from comfort of a lounge chair or bedside.

 A popular option for camera systems is to utilise Line Crossing for Alerts to your APP. Only receive alerts when someone crosses a line, one way only, e.g. a visitors walking towards your front door, or up the driveway.

Questions to consider before speaking to us: 

  • Which rooms to cover, (where is with the good stuff?)
    — Master Bed / Robe
    — Lounge
    — Study / Media
    — Garage
  • Number of entries
    — Garage
    — Front door
    — Side entry
  • Internal Screamer Location
  • Control Panel
    Requires a power point, phone / ethernet point
  • Siren box
    Options / Considerations:
    — Remote control fobs
    — Monitoring
    — Back to base alarm
    — Number of user codes
    — Additional keypads

APP or SMS control

Set your alarm at night, programmed to monitor the rest of the house while sleeping. Hear a noise! They’re not in my house, its armed.

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