Having major troubles with controlling your

children’s screen time?

Join the OHO cause.

Explain it, Understand it, Enforce it, and Spread it.

 So what is OHO?


The simplified idea is to live by a basic rule;

If it is an ODD HOUR, their devices are turned OFF.

If it is an even hour, they are allowed access to their devices.

      with some of your own provisos

The basis of it being;

  • solid boundaries are set
  • easy to follow
  • easier to check

It is up to you to enforce it, and hopefully retain some peace in your household, vehicle, play park, gathering…

Some positives to gain by yourself and the child;

- The child soon learns they have possession of set hours during the day where they can indulge themselves on their devices without the constant fear of being yelled at. As any child expert will tell you, a child really needs and responds to structure.

- The set hours are easy to monitor by everyone

- The EVEN hour gives the children time to organise / attend to their other tasks that require attention each and every day.

These could be Homework, making beds, preparing for sports or other activities, putting on or putting away Uniforms, unpacking school bags, lunch boxes. Outside time, Bike ride, or a play in the park.


- You might join in. An hour off every second hour of the constant barrage of information, photos, reports, requests, inspirations, selfies etc. will give your own brain a rest. Smell a rose or two. You may have forgotten they do; life is not all about a colourful screen.

Lets face it, we are all victims of the INFORMATION IMPATIENCE.

“I want to know now because I can access it from where-ever I am”


Other methods of controlling the device time hurt others.

Turning off the modem affects your home phone and household Wi-Fi controlled appliances also, plus re-booting the modem can take ages.

Taking away a device creates some bumper tantrums.

Allotting times also requires some compromise, and compromising with addicted young minds is never going to be enough for them, and never little enough for you. Times allocated are forgotten and who wants to look up a roster?

Use this formatt to create your own concrete times.

Maybe even hours work better.

Alternate hours for different siblings

First or second half of the ODD hours only.

Explain it, Understand it, Enforce it, and Spread it 

And basically, If they don’t understand the difference between an odd or even hour by looking at your house clock, perhaps they aren’t old enough to be on a device… What did you play with when a child?

We have been using this OHO for about a month now. Of course they try to push the screen time, but the resistance is almost nil when they are reminded of the time.


We all suffer from it now, we didn't,

our children do now. Where to from this?


They have to look at a colourful screen, can't help themselves to the addiction.

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