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—Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Where does it go?
    A: To the vacuum unit mounted in your garage or other remote location. Pipes are concealed in walls and ceilings to relocate the pick-up into an easily replaceable filtering bag inside the unit’s collection bin.
  • Is it better than a Dyson?A. Definitely. You won't need to find a dealer to replace your battery next year. Spare parts costs are through the roof. Great marketing, poor product. It is basically an electric broom, that fails.
  • Q: What are the advantages of a central system
    Answer: 1) Inlets are placed in convenient points throughout the house—often near the kitchen, dining area and outside one of the bedrooms.

    2) Simply click the lightweight 9m hose into conveniently located inlet valves throughout your home. They are perfectly safe, even for inquisitive children.

    3) The powerful Valet / iCentral motor unit is positioned away from your living areas allowing us to give you up to four times the power of normal vacuums for a quiet, faster and more efficient clean.

    4) Valet / iCentral delivers the cleanest air in your home, because the dirty air leaves your living areas and fine particles of dust are removed—unlike normal vacuums, which pick up, recirculate and disturb these particles as you vacuum.

    5) Enormous health benefits for asthma and allergy sufferers.

    6) No more dragging a heavy portable from room to room and up and down stairs, trying to fit that long lead back into it's sometimes working spool

    7) Bigger bags means less maintenance required

    8) Bigger bags means best suction for longer periods

    9) Valet / iCentral's super efficient dirt collection only needs a check once or twice a year.

    10) Valet / iCentral 's 5 + 1 year warranty is the longest standard warranty in the industry.

    11) Ask your Valet Dealer about the only ducted vacuum with the world's best powerhead cleaning system.
  • Q: What length of hose should I have?
    A: The most popular and manageable length is 9m; however we can supply any length from 1 metre to 20 meters. Hoses with an on/off switch on the handle come in factory made sizes, 9m 10.5m and 12m. 
  • Longer hoses can be harder to store due to hanger sizes. We do stock a deluxe hose hanger that accommodates 12 m hoses and attachments.
  • Q: What do you get?
    A: Each standard Valet / iCentral central vacuum system comes complete with motor and filter/collection bag, 9m grey flex hose, extendable rod, 2 in 1 dusting brush, combination luxury floor brush, crevice tool, hose hangar, fully installed. We leave, you just plug in and clean.
  • Q: How often do I need to change bags?
    A: Twice a year is average; generally when three-quarters full.
  • Q: Can I install it myself ?
    A: Yes you can. We can supply everything you need…piping, motor and accessories.
  • Q: In a new building, when should I call you to install the piping?
    A: About the same time the electrician is running cables. Roof on, frame up, before the walls are sheeted with gyprock.
  • Q: Can a ducted system be installed in an existing house?
  • A: Yes! In most housed this is possible. Some are harder than others of course. An on site visit will discover some of the ways to run pipe so it is hidden from general view, to the covenient locations for your hose to reach the whole house. One of the best parts of completing an Existing house installation is seeing the BIG smile. It really is a great moment when you actually have the system at last, and didn't need to re-build / move to a new house..
  • Q: Is the system ducted to outside?
    A: Valet vacuum systems are bagged, the bags are filters and so there is no requirement to vent the machine’s exhaust outside. If you wish, this can be done.
  • Q: Should I buy a bagged or bagless system?
    A: Most Valet machines are bagged ,without filters. The bags act as filters, so you are replacing the filter—twice a year without the effort or disgusting cloud of built-up particles.
  • Q: What is an Automatic Dustpan?
    A: It is an inlet in the kitchen (or bathroom) that you sweep the floor mess to for automatic clean up. So easy.
  • Q: How does it work, Dustpan?
    A: After sweeping to the dustpan, you press open the flap with your toe, the vacuum starts automatically and sucks away your sweeping mess. Touch the flap closed again with our toe and the vacuum stops. Every one loves it.
  • Q: Why a dustpan?
    A: 1) It saves you FOUR backbends each time you need to use a dustpan and brush. Come into the showroom and I'll show you the four bend dance!!
               Check WHATS NEW page for the latest in auto-dustpan news......
    2) It is out of the traffic area and is less inclined to be walked through by feet, whether they be two feet or four.
  • Q: What to do about Pipe blockages?
    A: The hose has a smaller diameter than the pipes; 32mm versus 50mm. Blockages tend to occur in your hose first.
  • Q: What sort of Warranty is provided?
    A: We can provide a 6 year warranty on Valet / iCentral ducted vacuum machines. For less cost we can provide 3 year warranty Valet also. We even have 2 year warranty machines to suit any budget.
  • Q: Why a difference in Warranties?
    A: Motors vary not only in size and power. Some allow the drawn air to flow through the motor for cooling. Others use powerful fans to draw the air, and then have their own cooling system. Self cooling motors are better protected from dust particles or bigger debris, as well as providing stronger suction over longer runs.
  • Q: Comparative suction—
    A: The motor in a ducted system is not squeezed into a canister to be dragged around, tripped over, roll down the stairs, upset the dog…, it has more room to perform with an efficient fan to provide increased suction for the same or less power consumption.
  • Q: Does one floor brush suit all floors?
    A: No, we have specific brushes for hard floors, commercial cleaning, and deep carpet cleaning.
  • Q: How much does it cost to install?
    A: 1) Price varies for each installation as every house is a different size and shape. A 'easy install' house with one inlet outside three grouped bedrooms and another servicing living and dining areas starts at $1,325 with our 3yr warranty VBC; and that includes a utility inlet at the motor for cleaning out the cars in your garage!

    2) Our quotes list optional extras that may interest you.

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  • Q: We are building a new house, when should I call you to install the security alarm?
    A: We do our wiring around the same time as your electrician. Being on site at the same time allows us to coordinate power and communication cabling. Providers and Installers must be licenced.
  • Q: Can you install an alarm in an existing building?
    A : Yes we can—just call for a FREE no obligation quote. We can install fully wireless if required.
  • Q: What do I do when there is a False alarm?
    A: If your system is monitored and you have a false alarm, call the control room IMMEDIATELY to cancel the alarm. They will request your password to ensure it is you.
  • Write down the number of the tripped zone to help us service you, to eliminate where the problem may be.
  • Q: What code can I use?
    A: Systems vary, Ness / iCentral alarms allow you to choose any number that suits you, from 3 to 6 digits in length.
  • Q: How much time do I have to turn it off when I return home?
    A: Factory default gives you 20 seconds to disarm unit from when you are first detected (panel beeps to remind you). This can be altered to suit your requirement, e.g. if you drive in through a protected garage door, you may need about 90 seconds
  • Q: What is "Home mode"?
    A: You can arm part of the house while you are still inside; An example being when you are asleep, the areas other than your bedrooms are monitored. If an intruder is detected, the keypads start to beep > escalating to sirens and flashing strobes if necessary.
  • Q: Can I install it myself?
    A: Yes, for yourself. Security installers must be licenced in QLD.
  • Q: Do you have wireless alarm system?
    A: Yes we do. This can include monitoring service which is fully interactive on line.
  • Q: What is the radius of each detector?
    A: Basic PIR detectors have a 90 degree arc of view to 10 or 15m.
  • Q: Do you have monitoring service with your alarm system?
    A: Yes. We have three monitoring companies available to provide this service. Local national and / or fully interactive on line accounts can be set up.
  • Q: How does the monitoring service work?
    A: When an ‘event’ occurs on your property, the security system automatically calls a 13 number and sends the electronic data of the alarm event to the control room. The control room personal will then follow your pre-programmed instructions and phone/SMS/Email your designated contacts.
  • Is there an alternative to paying a Monitoring Station?A:  Ness / iCentral's latest range, DxCEL has a SIM on board, and it will send as SMS message to your phone if there has been any activity in your zones, including Open/Close reports, by whom. Lets you know who is coming and going, and when. Reset the system with your APP. Maybe you forgot to put it on... Turn it On or Off with the APP. You can use a Ness SIM or bring your own.
  • Q: Do you have Security car call out possibility?
    A: Yes. An initial visit can be arranged so the guard is familiar with location and surrounds.
  • Q: CCTV cameras?
    A: Colour, infra red, PinHole, dome, dummy, vandal proof. Your choice.
  • Digital recording, motion detection only to save memory, mouse control software…
  • Alerts to your phone with images of the event.
  • Old analogue systems can keep up with the IP cameras with TVI systems. TVI accepts your original Analogue cameras, and the latest HiDefinition cameras. You only need to upgrade the ones that are more crucial, to you. Plug the TVI into your modem and the cameras are on your phone.

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  • Q: In a new building, at what stage do you come in to install an intercom?
  • A: Around the same time as electricians. We can liaise with location of power and quarrel over location of light switches V intercom.
  • Q: What types of intercoms do you have?
    A: Audio - just for answering the door
  • - to communicate with door and inside house
  • - all the above and used as monitoring stations or music distribution
  • Colour Video Monitor - hands free
  •  image capture memory with date and time stamp of callers to your door
  • APPs that let you answer the doorbell on your phone, and unlock the gate. e.g. deliveries
  • Most intercoms are equipped to allow opening of gates
  • Q: Do I need anything else to open the gate
    A: The type of pedestrian gate finish can dictate the style and function of the handle you will require to open from inside and out.
  • You may require an exit button to enable visitors to depart without a key.
  • You may require a keypad to punch in a code to gain access.
  • Keypads can store many changeable codes, allow access to trusted visitors.
  • You may require a keyless entry, by way of remote control or proximity reader.
  • You can have fingerprint readers.
  • Q: When should batteries be replaced?
    A: No batteries. Installed correctly with a voltage adaptor, you will always hear the call.
  • Q: Can I install it myself?
    A: Yes. It is all low voltage. Some brands require specific cables to operate as per design
  • Q: Do you have wireless intercoms ?
    A:  No. My suppliers aren't confident in their performance, Neither are we.
  • Q: Do you install gate motors?
    A: Yes we do. Slide, swing, double. All integrated with your intercom of course.

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