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About Us

 Noosa Home Technology

has been operating on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years. Always locally owned and operated.


Noosa Home Tech gives each NHT client prompt and personal attention from first inquiry, through installation, at handover, to warranty and future service needs.

 Our expertise is well respected in the industry and the personal service is always appreciated by our clients.

 We understand that it is important to work not only with the client, but also the builder and other trades to ensure the construction’s integrity is not compromised, to avoid untimely holdups and to reduce creation of costly cosmetic repairs resulting from poor planning and poor workmanship.

 At Noosa Home Technology, it is a pleasure to meet with you and help you to discover how NHT quality customised solutions can answer your particular needs.

A wide range of products can be viewed and demonstrated at our Showroom.


 Who is Noosa Home Technology


David is a born and bred Queenslander, growing up in Chinchilla, Brisbane and Townsville before basing himself on Sunshine Coast in 1990 while travelling / working for the next 15 years. Working as an electrician, studying electronics, and in casinos prior to these travels, he has a strong technical background with a good feel for hospitality requirements. Exactly what is required to work on the Sunshine Coast.

 Travels took him across Australia from N.East to S.West, seeing our back yard, briefly working in Alice Springs before the W.A. Gold refineries as maintenance electrician. Then accepting a dealing position on a Singapore based casino junket ship. This led him to work for US based Norwegian Cruise Lines and its affiliates for the next 10 years. During these travels Diana and David met up in Alaska.

Seeing the pokies as a more challenging job than croupier, he moved to the technical side of casinos, eventually concurrently taking on the responsibilities of cashier desk managing, Gaming Machine Manager and accounting casino operations through to Casino Management. This led to a Fleet position of Technical manager, based loosely in the Corporate Headquarters in Miami, assisting with designing / refurbished casinos, and Project manager on site in ports around the world; Germany, Malta, Dover, Tampa, Boston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Southampton, Mexico, Bermuda, New York….

 While dealing with the ship’s management, David spied a position in the Engineering department that brought him closer to his first passion of electrical duties. With responsibilities in maintenance of Galley equipment, the engine room and hotel electrical, David went on to become maintenance electrician for the vessel’s 25 elevators. This led to a promotion as Electronics Engineer (loosely termed in the US), taking on responsibilities for the vessel’s safety systems (fire detection, water tight doors) Security access control equipment, controllable lighting systems, stage sound and light equipment, ship’s internal telephone PABX, CCTV, Bridge navigation, radar and control systems, Engine Control Room systems….

 Feeling pressure of time missed raising the young family, David returned home to Peregian Beach in 2005 and while working locally as an electrician found Noosa Home Technology on the market, an authorised Valet dealer. With two of three brothers in Townsville already heavily involved in Valet products for close to 20 years, David was familiar with the brand and products, and knew he would have good historical and technical backup when required.

 David with his wife Diana and their four children live locally in a house, full of the very same products he sells and installs from Noose Home Tech. Security for protecting his possession when not at home, and the family at night while asleep. CCTV for peace of mind our property is being monitored for activities. Diana thinks her vacuum system is one of the best appliances in the world, especially the auto dustpan that is used to clean up after the messy meal / snack times six times a day. Video intercom allows her and the children to see whos-a-knocking without opening the door to strangers / hawkers, and there is no need to shout with the internal communication intercom to send messages up / down stairs. A stirring baby was easy to hear with this set to listen in to bub’s room. Even more comforting to hear he was sleeping soundly. Mostly today it is for letting studious teens aware dinner is ready, and they can come out of their caves for feeding time. 

David continues to tinker with the home systems to enhance home life, even allowing us tap into the security and CCTV systems via APPs and give the Solar Hot Water a boost while on the way home during one of those rare bleak drizzly days we have. Hot showers for everyone after a long day out...... Forgot to set the alarm before leaving, too easy using the APP.  Any deliveries while we are out, we can see them at the front door.


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