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  • AstroVac  • Vacumaid • Attila • Volta • AussiVac • Cyclic • Electron •
  •  Pullman • Smart
  • EasyVac • StarVac • Beam • and what ever else you may find on your wall.

They're all pink inside to us!!


Ducted Vacuums

Extensive Range

Our range of vacuums vary from single inlet garage clean-up units through to the powerful 1080 AirWatt units required in palaces.

We also offer a choice of Fourteen different canisters ranging from 1.2 through to 4 h.p. Featuring speed control, weatherproof cannisters, multi-stage fans to ensure performance at the furthest point.

Our premium Valet VSC and iCentral bagged range incorporate soft start motors, reducing in-rush currents and increasing life expectancy of wear parts within the motors; allowing us to offer a full 6 year warranty. Soft start technology also provides us with speed control, to select the right air flow strength when cleaning more delicate items; curtains, upholstery, pets...

Valet's V80 and V100 are cyclonic units suiting the low budget, and those that prefer not to use disposable bags.

Valet were exclusively approved by National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice Program.


We have been installing central systems for years and take pleasure in receiving remarks of satisfaction regarding performance and convenience. Our past customers are always happy to share their desire to ensure they will forever have a central system in future homes. Honestly, once you have had a central vacuum system, you'll never want to go back to dragging the noisy unit around, recirculating the dust behind you.

Part of the convenience comes from detailed planning; ensuring each inlet is best suited for the house and householder.

Upon moving in, our customers receive hand delivery of their hose kit, a run-down on how to care for their system, plus a 6 month reminder to replace their vacuum bag. You'll also receive a reminder when the warranty period is close to expiring, so you can opt for a warranty service extension

We don’t need to show you how to use it, that's as simple as plugging your hose into the wall socket.


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Noosa Home Tech stocks vacuum cleaner bags for all ducted vacuum systems.

The new Max-Flo Technology ducted vacuum bag holds more dirt, increases suction and helps you save money.

Accessories include

Replacement hoses and end parts. Don't live with a taped or cracked handle, replacement is simple and costs little.

Switched hoses
On / Off with a flick of you thumb

Hose socks
Protect your furniture and wall corners

Replacement floor tools
Newer more efficient designs - Horse Hair floor tools are ideal for timber and tiles floors (no scratching).

Turbo heads for deeper cleans
Try the hand-held turbo

Automatic dustpans

NEW RELEASE dustpans... Pure flush mount. White Black Biege or Silver

Replacement wall plates

dust filters and trappers


NHT service all brands of ducted vacuum systems, providing all spare parts and accessories.

We carry a wide range of spare motors too; for catastrophic failures or for a much needed boost in HorsePower.

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