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Valet System 1 Vision

Communication at the Touch of a Button

Valet System 1 Vision intercom is perfect for houses that generally require shouting to people at the other end.


System1 Vision Master is now available in a smaller size, just half the height of the original, and with digital radio.

The original size is still available for retro-fits. Upgrade your whole system and not have to bother wth cosmetic repairs to your walls.


This system enables you to:

  • Answer and release the front gate or door from any room
  • Communicate with true handsfree reply from room to room
  • Use the system as a baby monitor
  • Transmit radio, MP3, IPOD music or CDs throughout the house
  • Avoid accidental eavesdropping through the privacy button
  • Operate anything using eight different relay outputs—on/off or a timer. This is the convenient way to program—set lights, sprinkler systems or disable outdoor power points, all from the convenience of the keypad

The Valet System 1 Vision can accommodate 20 internal room stations, each programmed with their own address, as well as two separate door stations, with different chimes if necessary.

  • Additional CCTV cameras can be integrated to most of the colour video range;
  • Keep an eye on the kids in your pool while preparing that gourmet meal for tonight
  • Duplicate the media room big screen on your intercom screen so you don’t miss out on the dialogue and action while grabbing a snack or refreshment.
  • A birds-eye view of the play room, or
  • Just an electronic window that shows your best external view, when you're trapped inside
  • As soon as your visitor calls, their image is displayed


WHY UPGRADE TO System 1 Vision

You don’t HAVE to have the video, there are enough additional features on the current models for you to justify upgrading.

Every unit throughout the house can now do what only an old master could do poorly; now with accuracy and reliability.

Room to room direct communication with TRUE handsfree reply.

Listen in to a particular room from any other room.

Listen in to the radio (or other music) being broadcast at master 





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